Alternative Headboard Ideas

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Cool Alternative Headboard Ideas

It’s time to redecorate the bedroom, this is my first time, and I’m sure I will meet many problem here, well dealing with problem is very common, but it doesn’t matter, if you know how to solve the problem I guess everything will be fine, well, back to the point, in plan other option for the headboard section, I currently have small headboard for the bed, and it seem not suitable with the bed at all, so I decide to change the design a little bit, I may don’t have any experience about this, but I will try harder to make it done, first I will look the reference from the web, and I hope I’ll get the suitable design for my bed, this alternative headboard ideas have many different variant and style, but I guess I get the right choice here.

Alternative Headboard Ideas Design

After long searching, I get the most suitable alternative headboard ideas for my bed, and I think it’s quite simple to create, so I take my old headboard and modify the design, really need a lot of parts here, my old headboard have a small size, a need something to extend the size, I add some plywood for the base frame then fill it with the fabric material and furniture sponge, I get the material from the ware house, I have unused sofa, so I take out the sponge and use it to fill the headboard, after that I need something for the headboard cover, I really love this part, I look on the fabric store and find very interesting fabric material, it have soft and very comfortable surface, it will be better for the headboard cover, and I’m glad there is so many color option provide.

The last thing is the headboard installation process, this is very easy, every headboard is designed to be easy to applied, just easily place the headboard on the bed, and you will see there will be a lot differences.

18 Photos of the Alternative Headboard Ideas

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