Bathroom Ideas Tiled Walls

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Bathroom Ideas Tiled Walls with fine materialIf you get bored already with the plain look of your bathroom walls, you can redecorate it using some bathroom ideas tiled walls. The bathroom idea tiled walls will give you a protection for the walls from splashes and spray coming from the shower, sink and bath. Tiled walls in a bathroom surely will create the room’s ambiance through color, texture and pattern. If you consider of having tiled walls for your bathroom, technically you feed your satisfaction a finishing look that fits your personality and the tiles would define the whole room.

You can either have the tiles adapting mural designs, textured designs or mosaic design, you can still express your creativity using tiles to the walls of your bathroom. As for mural designs, you can bring some certain images to the walls by arranging the tiles that would be resulting in a certain image like a floral garden, antique map, a pond with fish or a path through the woods. You can also bring a story through the walls using a set of tiles. That is just great for decorating a bathroom or kids. There are also tiles which depicting great the artwork of some popular artists such as Monet and Van Gogh. You can even bring your favorite family photo or your child’s artwork into a tile of mural.

Bathroom Ideas Tiled Walls with nice part

As for textured designs, you can always count on to pebble tiles. They have texture that would bring a fresh experience once they are applied to your bathroom walls. They can be laid and grouted just like other tiles. You can also use another texture alternative like faux hardwood porcelain tiles.

Last, you can try to consider mosaic designs that would make your tiled walls into a new fresh look. Applying an inspiration from the great Roman baths from almost 2,000 years ago, you can bring intricate tile mosaic covering the floors and walls of your bathroom. The patterns would be intersecting squares and rectangles and also a quilt pattern or a series of geometric shapes.

18 Photos of the Bathroom Ideas Tiled Walls

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