Bay Window Curtain Ideas

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Bay Window Curtain Ideas Images

Some people are searching ideas for fixing problem with their bay windows curtain in their home. You may evaluate these thoughts for sure. Bay window set of three or more sided window that curved 30 to 45 degree mostly one huge window lined with two smaller ones. Bay window curtains idea generally require special curtain rods or poles that bend or curve with the lines of the windows. These rods will let curtains to move easily over the entire bay window opening. I also consider buying standard rods for each of the three window parts, in which condition each curtain would have to be used independently. It’s better to agree with some interior designer. They suggest avoiding the single-window treatment because it can create an ugly impression.

Fantastic Bay Window Curtain Ideas

Other bay curtain window ideas are using long curtains. Surely curtains look so great at full length. The drapes are hanging from ceiling to just 1-2 inches above the floor. You also need to make sure to let the curtains fall only to the window sill if you have some chairs, or sofas under the bay windows. If you choose to put floor-length curtains for your bay windows, make sure to draw them neatly because you don’t want to make the curtains look fussy. Just pull the curtains to the edges, and creatively tie them with beautiful tassels.

Some people on the net also set their bay window curtain idea so good by combining them with valances, blinds, or nice shades. I love the idea using roman shades made from bamboo blinds or attractive art nouveau pattern fabric. The standard roman shades and wood blinds are enough I think to make beautiful effect of the bay window. You can easily control how much sunlight entering the room with rolling blinds. Roman shades also work well too, as they can roll up and fold nicely. If you decide to put these ideas for your home, make sure you only put one blind or one shade in every window.

18 Photos of the Bay Window Curtain Ideas

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