Beautiful Garland Decoration Ideas for a Great Celebration

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Garland Decoration Ideas with angel statue

Garlands are the long wreath that used to decorate homes and objects during the holidays, especially Christmas, or as an everyday decoration. This is the time when you can throw in your creativity freely by making your own garland. You can do it by braiding together various materials to match the theme of your d├ęcor. Usually flowers are used in making this garland. Alternatively, if you are working on a budget, revamp an old garland to create a new look. Every occasion like wedding, birthday party, or even Thanksgiving can be decorated by adding this seasonal garland. The design and the use of the ornaments to make a garland are variously too much. You can adjust the ornament and the flowers by the event or occasion that you are going to have. You can also use beads, start from the smaller to the bigger one.

Garland Decoration Ideas with luxury design

In applying one of garland decoration ideas, you should consider the occasion that you are going to have. If it is wedding celebration, then you can use lilies, which combined by crystal beads or anything else that you like. So the best preparation in making a garland is needed. You should know what kind of garland that you are going to make. This is a good thing if you can sketch the design first on a piece of paper. Surely it would help you in making the best garland you could ever make. Start by preparing the large ropes of decorative beads in order to make a simple garland. You can also then search some local craft shops and thrift stores for the strains of unique decorative beads. After that you can purchase a roll of clear twine and start stringing your beads on six strands before braiding them together into various patterns. To achieve the best results, choose beads from a certain color scheme or finish.

You can also use flowers as the garland decoration ideas. You can create a beautiful centerpiece using fresh flowers. Start with existing garland or create your own garland. You can start it by choosing a full-bodied flower, such as a spider mum or daisy, as the main flower that you are going to use. Then cut off the flower stem and measure a double length of thread the size of the garland plus 10 inches for knotting. After that you should thread your needle, and then inserting the needle through the flower from the head to the stem. Continue until you have filled 3 feet of thread with flowers. Last, you can create multiple threads of flowers and braid them together.

18 Photos of the Beautiful Garland Decoration Ideas for a Great Celebration

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