Best Decorate Hallway Ideas

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Great Decorate Hallway Ideas

Hallway ideas now can be so much confusing. Sure that’s only happen to anyone that doesn’t have any concept about the function aspect of decorating hallway. Why should we decorate our hallway? Well, I realize that not so many people have any concern on this matter. But for me, decorating hallway is something that essential to do, since I hate plain and boring narrow hallway especially if I pass it every day.

Fantastic Decorate Hallway Ideas

If you agree with me, I’m gonna tell you something in my mind about decorating this hallway ideas. I have stumbled upon the internet and some sources inspire me to decorate the hallway with unique pictures in frames of varying sizes and materials. The important part is the content of pictures. Choose what pictures that you like to see. I like crafting especially crochet and knitting. So I put in the frame some my crafts I made. You can do the same if you do cross-stitch or paper quilling. But if you don’t do crafting, you can put whatever you like. It is okay if you just put your design or photos of interesting places around the world. Simply, put the vintage frames side-by-side in a linear pattern. Or you can arrange them in hodgepodge, why not! As long as you can create something that pleasing to your eyes, it’s just okay.

If you want to play safely, without any complaint from other member of your family, you can just paint the hallway with cool motifs. Consider painting with pastel tone or bright color and combine it with geometric pattern like chevron, stripes or diamonds from up to down of the walls. You can learn how to paint those motifs on diy sites. So many resources on the net you can visit. Then match the color and the pattern to create harmony. You can also decorate the wall with prints or pictures that have the same theme. Surely you’ll have dramatic hallway.

18 Photos of the Best Decorate Hallway Ideas

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