Designing the Micro House Interior

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Cool Micro House Interior

If you have a tiny home, or a home with tiny rooms, then the style of decor is very important for micro home interior. The right interior decor can make a large space appear much smaller, or a small space appears larger. With careful planning, and the correct use of colors, furniture, space-saving storage and accessories, you can trick the eye into believing that a tiny room is actually quite a spacious place. Maximize every inch by using some tips and tricks for small space decorating. Not only will your room transform into something stunning, but it also can become more functional if you decorate wisely.

Great Micro House Interior

First, choose a lighter or less striking color for the ceiling than you choose for the walls. To give the illusion of a small house looking bigger, go with the opposite effect by having a bold color on the walls and a lighter shade on the ceiling. Keep the flooring light and simple, and preferably the same throughout. This creates a flowing effect, rather than a stop-start effect as the flooring in each room changes.

Second, don’t overcrowd the interior with furniture, as this will undo all the good work you’ve done creating a light, airy space. Keep it simple and minimal. Choose furniture with clean lines. Consider pieces of furniture that provide double-duty, such as an ottoman that is also used as a coffee table or an ottoman that opens up to reveal storage space.

Last, for your decoration stuff choose Long, slim floating shelves extend the wall space and also provide storage space, according to Home and Garden Television. Use them in place of end tables in a small bedroom or in the place of a foyer table in a small entryway. Cover a wall with artwork of different shapes and sizes from the floor to the ceiling, but ensure that the hue of each piece of artwork is similar to the others.

18 Photos of the Designing the Micro House Interior

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