DIY Bar Cart

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DIY Bar Cart with pipe materialHaving a nice chart bar is really something. Making it all by yourself means that you are able to choose the amount of storage which will you have. So, when you are just in the same mission for creating your DIY bar cart, and then let’s see what kind of designs which you can go with related to this. Let’s go find out together guys.

You can start by matching two matching pieces. Get matching dressers, filling cabinets or end tables picked. Next, get the two pieces attached back. You can use construction adhesive for strengthen and then get them screwed back using screws and drill. Next, get your base of the cart sanded and painted to make it looks good. You can use high-grit sand paper for this. Make sure you have made the surface clean from dust and the like before painting it. Next after you have done painting it, next you will need to add wheel. This can be done by turning the cart upside down to get the wheels attached. Just screw the wheels using screws and screw driver. Next, get a remnant piece of stone like granite chosen. And then pick stones which will be used no more than 4 inches. Get construction adhesive applied to the base for positioning the stone. Leave it to dry.

DIY Bar Cart with the roler

Next, get two towel bars added side by side on one of your cart’s side. Get them screwed to their place. And finally, you can get one long metal bar installed on the other side of the cart. Get this metal bar screwed into its place, and then your cart is ready. Or you can simply buy the brand new one on the shop if you really won’t be bothered by creating this kind of thing. There are affordable products out there which you can find.

18 Photos of the DIY Bar Cart

DIY Bar Cart with wooden floorDIY Bar Cart with traditional designDIY Bar Cart with the rolerDIY Bar Cart with the mix beverageDIY Bar Cart with the makingDIY Bar Cart with the liquidDIY Bar Cart with the lemonDIY Bar Cart with the glassDIY Bar Cart with the cakesDIY Bar Cart with reservedDIY Bar Cart with regular designDIY Bar Cart with pipe materialDIY Bar Cart with jack danielsDIY Bar Cart with iron materialDIY Bar Cart with hendrick wineDIY Bar Cart with grey carpetDIY Bar Cart with gold bamboo designDIY Bar Cart with bamboo design

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