Feng Shui Living Room

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Top Feng Shui Living RoomFor some  people, feng shui maybe is confusing, a complicated art that has its own rules. But if you can understand it more deeply, it just about a harmonization. And nothing’s wrong with it, harmonization is something that we have to apply in every part of our live! So, today, I will persuade you to have that harmonization start from your living room. As we know that, living room is an important part of our house, so, I think it’s normal to have some extra efforts to ‘play’ with it.

The first rule is, don’t let your living room has a dark atmosphere. Try to avoid the use of dark colors too often, it’s good to several things but not too much. Choosing natural colors is a good idea to add a warmth in your living room, and add some furnitures with the cheerful colors like pink or red to raise your mood. Too much dark will extremely affect your mood to the down level. Be attention to your circulation, good to have lots of window in your living room, besides you will save the energy from lighting usage you can also have a good air circulation and a view from the outside. It will definitely add the positive energy to the homeowners.

High Feng Shui Living Room

Then, don’t put unnecessary stuff in your living room! Let them peacefully without too stuffy. Living room is the heart of your home don’t make it as the part that you most avoided. Because I’m sure the stuffy living room won’t make anyone happy, they will tend to confuse and it effect your psychology, not surprisingly that you may become an anger. You definitely don’t want to have bad family live because of the mistake that you did with ignoring the harmonization.

Now, if you feel that something’s wrong with your living room, get up and have some feng shui living room articles in your hand!

18 Photos of the Feng Shui Living Room

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