Glass for Cabinet Doors

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Refrigerator Glass for Cabinet Doors

You know sometimes we need to know what it is inside the cabinet before we open, especially when we wake up in the middle of the night still feeling sleepy, but you’re really need something to eat, open the refrigerator may not helping if you don’t store food before, if you store some food on the cabinet, it will be good if your cabinet have a glass for cabinet doors, it will be easier to find what we need inside the cabinet, and this time I will talk

Nice Glass for Cabinet Doors

Well first you need a flat glass material, it’s an easy material, and you can get this by purchasing on glass stores, once you get the glass material, you need to do the measuring process for your cabinet door, this can be done by removing the cabinet door, release the screw on the hinges, and unlock it, once it removed from the cabinet, you need to remove the hardware, after you release all the elements apply the glass for the measure, you can use pencil to give a mark on the cabinet door, a right calculation is required here, so you have to make sure the position is properly done.

After you mark the cabinet, you have to do the cutting process, use the driller to make a cut starting point, start from the holes along the line, and make sure your hand is steady, cut it straight and finely, after that you may use a molding for the decoration, attach the molding in the front side of the cabinet door you can use nail shoot to make it stronger, then place the glass inside the cabinet door, just gently put and lock the glass, nail it very carefully, once you done place the cabinet door on the cabinet and you will see your cabinet is better than before.


18 Photos of the Glass for Cabinet Doors

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