Glass Shelving Unit

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Glass Shelving Unit with decorationIn house furnishing and decorating, glasses made items are commonly applied with the main function to add such a ‘space minimization usage’ effect. As the example is placing glass shelving unit mounted on the wall. It will create an atmosphere like the shelves are ‘floating’, so it is appeared as if the shelves don’t take any footprint of the room. Also, installing a glass mirror on a wall side, help you to create spacious feel of the room.

For mirror has the ability to reflect everything on its front, the wall side against the mirror will be reflected. So, the room will have more spacious atmosphere at last. Glass made materials give dramatic effect too. Imagine you’re sitting in a work room. This room applies glass material for its wall facing the backyard garden. As a result, every time you’re sitting on a coach provided in the room, you’ll see the beautiful scene of the garden. In addition, small water fountain, whose water is sprayed regularly, installed in the middle of the garden. It gives you more than just dramatic effect but also refreshing altogether.

Glass Shelving Unit with two spaces

Well, glass made materials may give you thousands of benefits. However, you need to well take care of the items also due to its fragility. Yeah, glass materials are easy to crack with no good care. Thus, when you decide to install glass shelving unit, for the corner shelving as the example, remember to put only light materials on. It is clear that this is aimed to prevent the shelf from any crack. It’s better for you then to bracket each edge of the glass made shelves to avoid the danger that may happen due to the sharpness of the glass made material outskirts. If not, it is not possible the edge to wound people’s fingers.

Finally, extra attentions are necessarily given too, especially when you’re having kids around. Make sure that the shelving unit placed away from their touch or if possible apply not the whole glass made but the combination of glass and wood. It is obviously done under the kid’s safety reason.

12 Photos of the Glass Shelving Unit

Glass Shelving Unit with wallGlass Shelving Unit with two spacesGlass Shelving Unit with triagle designGlass Shelving Unit with stainlessGlass Shelving Unit with regular designGlass Shelving Unit with nice colorGlass Shelving Unit with miniTVGlass Shelving Unit with fine materialGlass Shelving Unit with detailsGlass Shelving Unit with decorationGlass Shelving Unit with bootleGlass Shelving Unit with black frame

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