High Class Design of the Apollo Steam Shower

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Minimalist Apollo Steam Shower

If you think that there would be a mass movement away from inefficient high energy goods, in this world of solar powered cars and kinetic energy powered wrist watches, then you may be right.

Master Apollo Steam Shower

But something else is happening as the mainstream moves to reduce their carbon footprints, and that is the emergence of progressively famous ‘niche’ products. Things like the WMK A-16, or what we know as Apollo Steam Shower.

It’s actually -even surely- not the most efficient use of water and energy, but this thing is cool, and so much expensive, and has tend to be an increasing number of wealthy families who are willing to spend their pennies the exorbitant prices for this sort of stuff.

The Shower will probably impress your house guests with its quirky and luxurious look than it will with any of its features. It’s enclosed in a futuristic ‘space capsule’ with one rounded side that houses a seat for users who run out of steam.

It also has its own lighting system, and once inside users can expect a group of relaxing water delivery systems such as Steam Generator, 6 Acupuncture Body Massage Jets, Hydrotherapy Foot Massager, Ozone Sterilization Function, Hands Free System Volume Control, 2 x Shower Heads even some products offer you a phone in it, could you imagine that?!

As well as the steam system (one of the reasons the Steam Shower is completely enclosed) and foot massager and all the other features, the Apollo Steam Shower ā€“ like I told you before ā€“ also comes with useful waterproof stereo inputs and a categorize of other buttons and levers to play with. Such steam rooms that you would find at a fitness center or a gym or hotel, steam showers purify the pores of poisons by permitting you to sweat out the gunk. Unlike sauna’s, which apply dry heat to relax the body and cleanse it, steam showers apply wet heat.

18 Photos of the High Class Design of the Apollo Steam Shower

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