Homes in the 1950s

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Interesting Homes in the 1950s

Actually, I just want to tell you about my favorite. Every time I travel, landscape that I wanted to see along the way is old homes. “Old” in my understanding is built before or up to 1950s. The model can vary, but they have the same characteristics, actually high ceilings, over 4 meters. The windows are big and tall. Building structure strong and sturdy, with very thick bricks, some even rock-walled. For me, overall appearance of the homes in the 1950s was so enchanting, so graceful.

Large Homes in the 1950s

Do you know that by looking at the beautiful old houses, we see the elegance, the cultural heritage of the past that still stands. I saw determination, patience that they have to face any weather, from the hottest day and the scorching, until the cold rain which flushed. Day after day, for decades, even centuries. They toughened up challenging all weather, protect the occupants in it. They are the silent witness of the lives of the inhabitants, from generation to generation.

Every time I looking at an old home, as I heard he say “Look at me. I have been standing here since decades. I do not care about the changes going around me. I am homes in the 1950s.”

I and my mom also like to see the ancient house, amazed by the large windows, which make cool breeze. My grandmother’s house was also an ancient building with a large room with lots of windows, very nice when I was a child, but feels spooky when I was an adult, like watching a horror movie. When I look at the homes in the 1950 s, I seemed to see the past. If I could go back in time, I will also see the same houses. The old homes in the 1950s is so special for me.

18 Photos of the Homes in the 1950s

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