How to Get Bamboo Shower Curtain Rings

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Vintage Bamboo Shower Curtain Rings

Decorating bathroom is not complete without decorating shower and bath-up. Absolutely, most of us like to take a bath and soak in the bath-up more long time to enjoy our life. And also, we do not want every one disturb us whenever we soak in the bath. That’s why we put a curtain to cover our body soaking in the bath. Of course, we must be careful in choosing the shower curtains. One of the best shower curtain rings is bamboo shower curtain rings. Why? Because of made from natural resources and also has unique shapes.

Green Bamboo Shower Curtain Rings

Bamboo shower curtain rings could be combined with another material like glass, wood, plastic, or steel hook. You need to match it with what look you want to achieve on the bathroom. It also can be shaped full ring or half, or mostly full ring. It will be so enormous and chic looking when we put a curtain by using not full shower curtain ring. There is space for curtain and also easy to clean it. But, that’s not bad too choosing full ring, then we put a device like hanger clip to set up the curtain. By using cylinder bamboo as hook, it will better look so admirable! Hmm, I think we could do different ways, rather than use bamboo as hook, too, why not we use usual curtain hook, but we put bamboo shower curtain rings in mode hanging in different way, as accessories. This a nice advice, isn’t it? We can get the greatest bathroom interior. While we are taking a bath, we can enjoy the curtain rings shape.

Almost the last is the color. As we know that the material is from bamboo. So, we should smart choosing ring colors. For people who like natural feel, better choose brownie. For people who like modern and minimalist style, black, white, and grey is the best choice. Next, if you want feel modern and traditional in one natural feel, you should combine them, brownie or the dark colors. It will look unusual combining these two colors.

18 Photos of the How to Get Bamboo Shower Curtain Rings

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