How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

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Refinish Kitchen Cabinets With Glass RoofsDoing this work on your kitchen cabinets could be a great way to make your kitchen looks beautiful and lively, also will increase the value of your home at the same time. Imagine that every month or two month you refinish your kitchen cabinets and make it new looking that will be a great idea. And now I will give you the basic to refinishing kitchen cabinets and some clue on where you must start. Let’s check it out guys.

Think ahead guys. By planning your project so you can assemble the tools and the materials before you start to furnishing. There are some tools and materials that useful for you. Use hand tools like scrapers, screw drivers, sanding blocks, rags, a hammer, and sponges. Maybe you already have that tools but to check it will be a good idea guys. The next supplies is painter’s tape, this is for the part that you want to not paint. Use newspapers and a drop cloth to protect adjacent surface on your cabinets when you are furnishing your kitchen cabinets. Use paint stripper if you need it. Using quality paint brush is very useful for you. I recommend using it.

Refinish Kitchen Cabinets With White Ceiling

Before you start to furnishing, make sure that you completely empty the cabinets. It is will much easier if the cabinets are empty. Now you must remove the cabinet’s door and shelves. Being careful to not damaging the channel if your cabinets use screw will be very useful. And if there is a label in the doors or shelves, use painter’s tape to cover it. Clean your entire cabinets and the hardware too guys. This is also a good idea before you start furnishing. Doing necessary work will help you.

Now start to painting. For the best result you can use sprayer for smooth and glossy appearance. If you use brush, use high quality and always brush in one direction. Concentration and be patient if you want a best result on refinishing.


12 Photos of the How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

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