Living Room Set Up

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Inspirational Living Room Set UpHello everyone, very nice to see you again, today I feel so excited, and I just want to start my living room set up, and I guess I need little help here, I don’t know where to start, but lucky me I have my sister here with me, and she is a room designer, so I can just ask her for suggestion and let see what she can do with my living room, so here we are in my living room, pre living room, the living room is not set yet, according to the set I’d like to have very classic living room, and my sister suggest me to add a carpet on the floor, just for nice floor decoration, and I think that’s a good idea, carpet will be very good with wooden floor.

After done with the floor section, the next thing is the wall section, this one is troublesome, decide classic is very easy but the hard thing is on the wall decoration section, it’s kind a hard to get better classic wall decoration this day, but I have several old picture on the warehouse, and it will be good to use wallpaper, yes, my sister ask me to use wallpaper, as wall decoration, and I know what is the right pattern for my classic living room.

Amazing Living Room Set Up

After done with floors and wall, the next thing is ceiling, this one can be very simple, you can simply add classic chandelier on the ceiling, it will be good for lighting section, and it also great for living room decoration, just make sure you chose the right chandelier, after the ceiling done, the next thing is organizing the furniture for living room, and I’m glad I just done prepare the rest of the furniture, and I can wait to see it set on the living room, with fine leather material and wooden carving, this sofa set will be great furniture for my living room.

12 Photos of the Living Room Set Up

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