Long Kitchen Islands Design Ideas

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Modern Attractive Long Kitchen Islands

It is possible to bring additional functions to the heart of the house through the long kitchen islands, if you have an enough amount of the space to work with. It does not matter what purposes you are trying to get; it can be serving, seating, or cooking, the idea to use the long kitchen islands is simply amazing and stunning as they make a statement in the kitchen. Despite the fact that the footprint of your kitchen defines and determines the very size of your kitchen island, it is vital and important for you to provide the best arrangement so the island will fit comfortably in your space. So, what are you going to do now?

Extra Long Kitchen Islands with Elegant Black Chrome Cabinets

For instance, provide a 36 inches-clearance of space around each side of the island so you can easily open the doors of the appliances while also giving the room for you as the owner of the house to move around at the same time. You will be able to gain more room for the cabinets right on the working side of the kitchen island and the seating also is offered on the other side too when using an island that has a width of about 42 inches. Once again, the kitchen needs define the length of the island.

For the seating arrangement, there is no specific rule about it so it also means that you can go with almost anything although most of us as the owners of the house rather enjoy getting a designated spot for the meals as well as a place where we sit and talk while cooking too. For those who have some sorts of plan to put the seat together attached into the island, you have to define the best kind of chairs or bar stools to use. So, for those who are looking for dividing space in an open floor plan, a long kitchen island is the best option to take at this very time.

12 Photos of the Long Kitchen Islands Design Ideas

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