Painting a Living Room for Different Looks

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Unique Painting a Living Room

Simply adding a new, fresh coat of painting to your living room can give a different look instantly. So, you don’t need to be a professional designer just to make a great design in your living room. Painting is a living room is an easy and inexpensive decorating idea that can be used to create a big difference.

Good Soft Blue Painting a Living Room

Although painting is and cheap idea, the considerations you should take before painting a living room is difficult because there are many things that you should put into account in order to come up with the right colors for painting a living room. The easiest way to decide the color is by considering the largest furniture in the space. Use the color to choose paint color that matches the furniture. Also, you need to think about the mood that you want to create in your living room when choosing the color.  The lighting and the size of your living room are also important to consider. Neutral colors are better than bright colors because bright colors can make the walls become the focal point in the room, which means that it will overwhelm the space. To find the best color, you can choose at least three colors and try them out to see which one look the best. However, when choosing three colors you don’t need to buy the whole paint, but just a small amount of each. Paint a square with the three colors in the size that you wish, but it should be large enough to see. Let them to dry and take one day or two to see then during the day and the evening. So, you can have an idea about the look of the colors in different amount of lighting. Instead of spreading the color throughout the walls, you can use some painting techniques to make the look more attractive. There are some techniques that you can use like sponge painting, stenciling and rag rolling.

So, it is very important that you consider some things above before painting a living room to come up with the most appropriate color that best suit the space.

18 Photos of the Painting a Living Room for Different Looks

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