Painting Pressure Treated Wood

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Beautiful Painting Pressure Treated Wood

Painting pressure treated wood is different from painting common type of wood. It needs special treatment that requires enough patience. This project usually can’t be done right away and it takes much time. So, before painting pressure treated wood you can learn some important things that you should do to get the job completed properly.

Luzury Painting Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure treated wood is indeed a kind of wood, but it has been treated heavily with chemicals to point where the lumber is saturated. The chemical is a good feature because it prevents the wood from rotting and it makes the wood susceptible to insects and fungi that can damage normal wood outdoors. Painting pressure treated wood can be done in a normal way. The wood should dry all the way before painted. Also, you need to cover the wood in a good preservative although it has been soaked with chemicals. So, use preservative which is made especially for treated wood and do it as soon as you have constructed your deck because it can stop the wood from weathering. The soon, the better. After applying the preservative, then you need to wait between 2 and 3 months to allow the chemicals dry properly. If you wish, you can apply the paint earlier, but it will last longer and better if you let the wood dry for 3 months.

Painting treated wood cab be done using any paint because you need paint that is specially formulated for this type of wood.  If it is for exterior use, you should go with latex based instead of oil based since it is more durable and work better with wood. Apply it in a few thin coats is better than apply it in a thick coat once. Apply the paint with a spray or a paintbrush. If you are not working with large sheets of wood, then paintbrush is a better option since it is able to reach all the nooks and crannies. Don’t forget to allow the paint dry between coats.

So, painting pressure treated wood should be done under those rules if you want to make it end up in a great result.

18 Photos of the Painting Pressure Treated Wood

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