Pantry Door Rack

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Pantry Door Rack with milksThe use of minimum space as maximum as possible has been a common thing nowadays. As the space getting smaller, people are tend to be more and more creative. For example in the use of pantry door rack, this one can be a great way in utilizing a space without sacrificing anything. There is only the door who get hammered for the application, and not hurt at all for the sake of saving space.

The use of pantry door rack can be one of a great innovation that have ever been created by human being, for anyone out there I just want to say thanks for your creativity. A door that used to be functional for the safety and privacy reason, now it can be more useful by the existence of this rack. The rack can be installed on any door in the house, except the front door, bedroom door, bathroom door, and you know why. The material used for the rack commonly made from coated metal wire, so it would stand strong hanging your pantry stocks. The rack commonly consists of six top down shelves, this would enough to save some snacks, cans of soft drink, boxes of cereals, and many more. There are also some types with pans cookware lid storage. And also in a clips type, which are used only to hang jars of spices.

Pantry Door Rack with powder

The pantry door rack is actually a great and simple way to get an extra storage for your food stocks without needing to build or buy an additional pantry. But since the rack is mounted behind the door, for someone who do not know anything behind the door, it would just ruin everything on the rack when the door opened like there is nothing. And it would be not safe for kids, if they accidentally climbed on it. Putting a sign said, “There is actually something behind the door, just do not slam or climb the door.” It would be helpful.

12 Photos of the Pantry Door Rack

Pantry Door Rack with syrupPantry Door Rack with snacksPantry Door Rack with quackerPantry Door Rack with powderPantry Door Rack with packsPantry Door Rack with napkinPantry Door Rack with milksPantry Door Rack with mayonaisePantry Door Rack with ingredientPantry Door Rack with crackerPantry Door Rack with colored doorPantry Door Rack with cans

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