Pumpkin Color Paint

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Pumpkin Color Paint with kids roomWhen the Halloween is about to come, we cannot think something else besides finding the best ways to create fabulous pumpkin decoration. Of course this kind of project will not only give you the great pumpkin designs but also such a fin activity. When it comes to pumpkin decoration, the first thing that we should pay attention to is about the color of the pumpkin itself. Getting the pumpkins painted is such an alternative to get the jack o lantern style carved. So just in case you are in such kind of same issue right now, let’s see what are the pumpkin color paint ideas which we can come with.

Get it stenciled

Pumpkin Color Paint with black carpet

This is the first thing that we can do about this kind of thing. Get the stencil used for painting the pumpkins and you will be able to provide many creative ideas for yourself. This stencil can be purchased everywhere. Just get it taped to your pumpkins and then get it brushed to get it painted. It will be better for you to pick the flat surfaced pumpkin since the curved surface of the pumpkin may give you such a challenge.

Spray it

This is of course one thing that will make your painting project becomes easier for sure. Using spray paint will surely make your painting project much easier. For an advice, it will be better for you to use metallic spray paints in order to create more elegant pumpkin display. Of course this will depend on every one’s personal preferences for sure.

Glow in the dark painting ideas!

Wow, this might be one of the best ideas to go with. Imagine your jack o lantern pumpkin glows in the Halloween night, it will be surely amazing. Just buy the glow in the dark paint and apply it to the pumpkin.

18 Photos of the Pumpkin Color Paint

Pumpkin Color Paint with wooden tablePumpkin Color Paint with wooden floorPumpkin Color Paint with white soft carpetPumpkin Color Paint with white sofaPumpkin Color Paint with white curtainsPumpkin Color Paint with vintage designPumpkin Color Paint with the guitarPumpkin Color Paint with the bedroomPumpkin Color Paint with round tablePumpkin Color Paint with red bed coverPumpkin Color Paint with plant decorPumpkin Color Paint with oriental stylePumpkin Color Paint with nice living roomPumpkin Color Paint with kids roomPumpkin Color Paint with grey carpetPumpkin Color Paint with common stylePumpkin Color Paint with black chairPumpkin Color Paint with black carpet

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