Shower Room Design Ideas

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Shower Room Design With Hardwood FloorsDespite the fact that the bathroom is thought the most used room in the house, it is also known as one of the smallest rooms as well. Maximizing the space within the bath is a tough task to deal with when you are designing this room, especially when you also need to think about the spot to place a plumbing as well as the electrical outlets too. It can be the main reason why most people as the owners of the house tend to go with the shower room design.

That is right—the shower room can be such an amazing alternative rather than you are spending a lot of time to design the bathroom that aesthetically pleasing only to find out that things are kind of impossible because the limited amount of the space. Of course, saving the space is what you are going to do and this is when the shower room design comes in handy.

Shower Room Design With Window Angles

Here, we are going to show you how to design the shower room and one of them is to free up space at the sink. It is such a better idea to open up the bath of yours with a pedestal or wall-mounted sink rather than spending too much space with a counter. Through this kind of option, a small bath will look much larger than the way it actually is, visually. Of course, you can still use a small vanity if you need a storage to keep a few things, such as cosmetics, hair care products or linens.

In fact, you can create a starting point in the shower room with an attractive vanity. Then, bear in mind that you have to go for simple and minimalist design. We are trying to lay emphasis on space over decoration so you can easily make a shower room a bit feel open with an uncluttered design. What are you going to do about it right now? See the pics below to get more ideas.

12 Photos of the Shower Room Design Ideas

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