Small Bathroom Tiles Ideas

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Good Small Bathroom Tiles Ideas

Think about how we can makeover our small bathroom, why not use tiles? Tiles will give some illusions then people don’t know that your bathroom is really small. Rather than say that your bathroom is small, they will say your bathroom is great looking. I think small bathroom tiles ideas is not bad, moreover it will give us a new experience to redecorate our small bathroom. Hope these ideas come to cozy, interesting, inviting retreat bathroom and make it looks larger.

Great Small Bathroom Tiles Ideas

Before you redecorate you small bedroom, something that must you do is check the size, what is the smallest? Is that not given space to set up bath up? Will you add closet or toilet too? What kind of theme? What materials will you use?Where is your bathroom position? All is important parts so that you could redesign your small bathroom. Knowing the size and position, you will get ideas. For example, the bathroom is too small to put bath-up, so you just put shower on the butt end, because the bathroom shape is horizontal rectangular, adding abstract or horizontal tiny tiles in contrast color with your wall-floor. It will give a focus on the shower wall rather than the size. If the bathroom is larger than before I explain but still called small, you probably can put bath-up in simple mode, rectangle.

There are some ways to make it larger looks. First, color your wall same as your bath-up. Then, give large tiles for the floor, and smaller wooden tiles as your sink cabinet wall near the bath-up. Second, choose old house wall tiles, bricks, by coloring with or calm color others. Give small old theme on the floor and put a cabinet contrast with color. I will awesome look, so wise! Third, with a small square tiles and same ceiling color, put contrast furniture then the bathroom looks fabulous! The last is combining the tiles and solid color, whether ceiling or the floor, tiles just focus on the wall. Really simple small bathroom tiles ideas, isn’t it?

18 Photos of the Small Bathroom Tiles Ideas

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