Steps to Apply Bookcase Wallpaper Decorating Wall

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Large Bookcase Wallpaper

Having bookcase wallpaper will bring your reading time to a new experience. You know that as a reader you should provide your books the place that would gain your interest to keep reading any book that you have at the bookcase. In the view of that, you should provide the best place for your books. It shouldn’t have to be crowded, the finish look if you are done decorating the bookcase, rather pretty and elegant. It is important to know that you can do papered wallpaper to your bookcase. That would be interesting as you will find the look of your bookcase is prettier than before using some colorful and rich pattern of the wallpaper that you have chosen. You can find Jonathan Adler-esq wallpaper print to cover the back of your bookcase. That would make your heart happy knowing that your lovely books collections are displayed in such a beautiful bookcase.

Clear Bookcase Wallpaper

You should be brave in picking the bookcase wallpaper as most of people tend to have the bookcase in white paint color, which will blend with the colors that are being showed from the wallpaper patterns. You can also easily make your DIY bookcase wallpaper as it is such a piece of cake. You can always trust to your right-brain in picking the most beautiful wallpaper that you think it would blend well with the color of the bookcase. It is compulsory to know about the material that is used for the bookcase. So those are some considerations that you should know before you do the DIY bookcase wallpaper. There are some easy steps to follow, like some are below here.

First, you will need the materials and the tools. They are the bookcase, of course, the chosen wallpaper which varied in fabric, photos, magazine clippings, scissors, drawer lining paper, wallpaper primer/paste, popsicle stick or wallpaper smoother and the damp rag.

Second, you can start measuring the back of each shelf. You should be careful in cutting the wallpaper in order to get it all matched well.

Third, you can now install the wallpaper using the wallpaper primer & paste. You should smooth all the bubbles and wrinkles as you do the job. You can use the popsicle stick or the wallpaper smoother and then wipe the excess glue using a damp rag. After that, you should let it dry overnight.

18 Photos of the Steps to Apply Bookcase Wallpaper Decorating Wall

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