Stone Facing For Houses

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Modern Stone Facing For Houses

We all know that appearance is important, especially for house, some house really need o be created with better looks, some plain wall looks very regular, do you think so? But if you want to add something for your house wall, this stone facing for houses it may be matched for you, stone facing means you add stone slate or veneer on the wall of the souse, but only for the exterior purposes, here I have some pictures about the stone veneer installation, this process is part of the stone facing for houses ideas, but before I continue, I will show you what is the stone veneer, and how to make better, stone veneer is a stone material, it made from natural stone, some veneer created by cutting process, one big natural stones cuts to become many unique shape, but the surface is still flat, many people called this stone slate.

Great Stone Facing For Houses

And stone veneer can be used as the material for your stone facing for houses, and how to get stone veneer is very simple, you can go to the nearest material shop there will be plenty of it, just don’t be picky about this, some stone veneer may be modified during the installation, just order by the size of your wall and let the stone veneer provider predict how many stone veneer needed, and after you order the material, first you have to observe and measure the wall on your house, mark the spot that you planned to be cover with the stone veneer, the first stone veneer that attach on the wall will determine the next stone veneer shape, sometimes you need to cut the current stone veneer to fit with the previous attachments.

You can use a cement and concrete in order to attach the stone veneer, don’t for get to adding some water on the surface of the wall before you add the cement on it, good luck guys.


18 Photos of the Stone Facing For Houses

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