Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

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Tumbleweed Tiny Houses with lighting

Tumbleweed tiny houses, which are both economical and environmentally friendly, consist of portable, only-the-basics living spaces. They provide places for sleeping, cooking, bathing and storage. With a tiny house, you can avoid expensive rental payments and cut down on buying luxury items.

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses with car

Tiny houses could range from spaces small enough to fit on a 7-by-18-foot trailer to 500- to 800-square-foot home. Living in tiny houses means eliminating the things you don’t really need, considering functionality is another important factor when creating room in small living spaces.

For tiny house you need to make sure everything is good and fit. Usually from entry way, we see bench storage as a decoration for living room. If you creative, you can make your own bench which can be transform to a guest bed at night, you can find the instruction from the internet. Small houses may not have a lot of closet or cabinet space, so add furniture that does double duty as storage. Look for a bed or coffee table with built-in drawers. When you live in tiny houses trying to maximize storage space, think vertically. Install floating shelves to display accessories, or install a tall, narrow bookshelf in the living room. In living room usually there is a table that you can also used for dining table and office table? A kitchen, in kitchen of tiny houses you must smart to keep and use the space, you cannot have a big stove and refrigerator. You just need a simple portable stove so you can move it when you having small party at your tiny house. You can have a small refrigerator which size is fit with your available space in kitchen area. The bathroom maybe only consists of toilet and shower; make sure that your sink and plumbing works. You can have a bedroom at the attic of your tumbleweed tiny house, it works for two person. Enjoy your living and be eco-friendly live.

18 Photos of the Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses with wood fenceTumbleweed Tiny Houses with windowsTumbleweed Tiny Houses with wheelTumbleweed Tiny Houses with treesTumbleweed Tiny Houses with small gardenTumbleweed Tiny Houses with roadTumbleweed Tiny Houses with red doorTumbleweed Tiny Houses with napkinTumbleweed Tiny Houses with lightingTumbleweed Tiny Houses with leaderTumbleweed Tiny Houses with lakeTumbleweed Tiny Houses with front pageTumbleweed Tiny Houses with forestTumbleweed Tiny Houses with chairsTumbleweed Tiny Houses with carTumbleweed Tiny Houses with bushTumbleweed Tiny Houses with board materialTumbleweed Tiny Houses with fence

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