Unusual Curtains Windows Treatments

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Soft Color Gradation of Unusual Curtains

When you taking a glance at your bedroom, there’s no rule that says you must use a usual curtain panels or mini-blinds, just like everyone else. If you would like the curtains, which are really different, and unique, step out of the box and put on your creativity cap. Use unique fabrics, textures and unconventional materials for unusual curtains, I can guarantee you that no one on the block has.

Unusual Curtains for Attractive Curtain Shower Ideas

Find out your local sewing store fabric. You’ll find all kinds of fabrics that are not traditionally used for curtains, but it would be an interesting ornament in your bedroom. Consider using a slick and shiny patent pleather, faux fur or metal sprouts. Whether you choose soft colors, brightly colored or patterned fabric, unusual, exaggerated texture kick up the crazy thing of your curtains.

There is no rule that the hinges need to be bought in store couture fabric. Search your closet, garage or thrift store goods that are unusual, that could be hung like unusual curtains. As long as you can find a way to hang on your window, this can be considered as a curtain. For example, you can use the United States as flag hangers, or hula grass skirt. Consider the cut seams the old pavilion and a large flat piece of curtain. Don’t forget to leave all hooks, rings and visual interest. Another option is to sew together a bunch of old jeans and shirts for one of a kind and curtains. Your choices are endless.

Expel the madness with a curtain rod notch unexpectedly. Look at your home, garage and hardware store for everyday objects that can be used as a Bar. For example, you can try the delicate branches, aluminum or copper pipes, sticks or bars. If your fabric is not severe, consider using wire or rope and PIN for linens. Curtains can also be installed on hooks, although in this method they are permanently in place and do not open or close.

18 Photos of the Unusual Curtains Windows Treatments

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