Wall Art for Kid’s Room

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Nice Wall Art for Kid’s RoomBesides providing proper storage for the kid’s room, applying best color combination is also needed to decorate the kid’s into such comfortable private area. Likewise, decorating the room’s walls is applicable to enhance the room’s comfort rate. Wall decoration for kid’s room or so called as wall art can appear in many kinds of artwork for walls. One very popular example of this wall art for kid’s room is poster. It goes without saying that poster is so popular for kids to attach as their wall’s décor because posters present many pictures of their idols to their favorite sport clubs.

The other reason is because posters vary in size and designs. We can find such huge poster that can take the whole wall side to attach. On the other hand, poster also can be found in A4 size. Also, poster application as the wall art is also easy. We just need to attach the poster on the wall, can be framed or not, with adhesive like thumbtacks. Another wall art that’s common and easy to apply is framed picture. It can be family picture, pictures of the kid’s growing from baby, or even kid’s artworks. This framed picture application will ease us much because as we change the frame, the mood of the room will be changed also. Classic frame, for instance, will bring sweet vintage look of the wall art. Then, vinyl wall decal can also be applied as contemporary wall art.

Simple Wall Art for Kid’s Room

For kid’s room, we may apply the images of nature from jungle scene, beach scene, to trees, or famous building like Eiffel tower, Liberty statue and more. Other wall applicable wall art is painting, can be oil based painting or water based painting. Attaching nature painting to the kid’s room wall can enhance the refreshing ambiance it should have. Last, Mural that’s such picture made on the wall can also be applied. The picture can be ocean life with the animals and plants, ortree with birds. Animal pictures like butterflies for girls and dinosaurs for boys are also preferred.

12 Photos of the Wall Art for Kid’s Room

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