Large Kitchen Islands

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Large Kitchen Islands With Hanging LampHaving a spacious kitchen would not be complete if you did not maintain the space into a useful space to accommodate your need in the kitchen. It would be like having a broad field, but it is only used to plant a tree and nothing else. Spacious kitchens and large kitchen islands are a perfect combination for ideal kitchen, since there is a plenty space and budget then you need some decorations or remodeling in your kitchen.

In having large kitchen islands can be a big alternative in kitchen decorations, but since the size is large it would need a large investment too. All of that effort later can be just worth doing, because your kitchen can be a lot better in the look and use, because kitchen islands would also be a multipurpose furniture, not only for preparing food but also for extra storage or dining table for the type with stool and leg room for seating, or even with sink. Then there can be a lot of quality time happen in a kitchen, especially when you held a dinner reception for a neighbor.

Large Kitchen Islands With Wall Clock

In choosing the material and style for large kitchen islands, you can choose the custom built island which suit to your space. And for the countertop you can choose one from several popular materials such as: granite, marble, concrete, butcher block, stainless steel, and quartz. Granite is one of durable materials and easy to clean, it has heat and scratch resistant. Then marble and concrete, they may look durable but still need an extra care to maintain the color, and since concrete is porous, it also need some kind of coating.

Butcher block is one with easy maintenance by sanding and coating, you can chop directly on it without needing cutting board. The stainless steel can give a shiny look and easy to clean material. Quartz, the durable and easy to clean material, almost similar to granite and marble, but it comes with more color variation than those natural stone. Just be sure, each material comes with different range of prices.

12 Photos of the Large Kitchen Islands

Large Kitchen With Granite Countertops IslandsLarge Kitchen Islands With Wooden ChairLarge Kitchen Islands With White CabinetsLarge Kitchen Islands With Wall ClockLarge Kitchen Islands With Modern SinkLarge Kitchen Islands With Hanging LampLarge Kitchen Islands With Glass WallsLarge Kitchen Islands With Gas StoveLarge Kitchen Islands With Frame PhotoLarge Kitchen Islands With Carpet FlooringLarge Kitchen Islands With BookcaseLarge Kitchen Islands With Black Desk

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